Sound and Vision Events in Dallas, TX

Sound and Vision Events in Dallas, TX – Duality of Home and Time to Think

Time to Think
Diptych – Time to Think

The creation of my composition Duality of Home has been the juxtaposition of the private, chosen home and the home that one is forced into – having to be aware of the current events around us – whether we agree or not.


When Heather Levy first asked me, “What is home?” in October 2017, this was a very different project. My vision of home was admittedly narrow. I was consumed with the challenges of our physical home – a 1790s farm house. Things like – the stacked stone foundation with a seasonal creek running through the crawl space – the critters that were soon to move into the basement and walls come winter, the sound of the wood stove that we fire up in mid fall. The chimes outside the window, the creek across the street. We don’t have TV. We live in the Catskills of New York and we have no neighbors. Even in it’s most dramatic, life is pretty quiet and physically isolated.

Artists Kristen (sound) and Heather (visual)

Fast forward to January and we found ourselves unexpectedly in Houston, TX for a total of 5 months. Out of the woods into the middle of the 4th largest city in the US, behind Chicago, LA and NY. My father had a stroke and we were helping with his recovery, thus spending a lot of time at his house. My parents are huge news junkies. They have cable news on all day. This was my life for 5 months. Driving even the shortest distance was a traffic filled 20 minute car trip. Houston is also the 14th fastest growing cities in the US. There is construction everywhere  – new skyscrapers downtown and new homes in the sprawling suburbs. This was a stark contrast from the home that I longed for in New York.

My sound sculpture/concept album, Duality of Home is the juxtaposition of these experiences.

ListenHaley Henmann Gallery 516 Fabrication Street, Dallas, TX; Online coming soon

When: July 1 – 31 at Haley-Henmann Gallery at Open Studio 516

Opening Reception – July 14 – 5 to 8 PM
Artist Talk – July 21 – 3 – 5 PM

For more information about the show, contact John Marcucci–   t: 214.749.1277 email:


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