Royal Wedding May 2018

Royal Wedding May 2018

Royal party at Zaza

Hurling down the highway
Past strip upon strips of malls and traditional homes
The perfect picture of what we should aspire for
God, Guns and Country
She sits in her car seat, legs splayed talking about her bum
As three year olds do
Her bell tone voice tinkling from her car seat,
Innocent to her offense
Mother chides her
A princess doesn’t sit that way

What does she know of princesses?
She knows that she is perfect, loved
Her body is not bad
No one has told her to hate because of “this”
Or to shun because of “that”
Reading aloud about newest member of “The Firm”
Her mother has a nose ring and dreadlocks
The rage! Where is the decorum, propriety?
A divorcee an actress on display
She didn’t get where she is by her table manners and quiet life
She is not safe, she is not the expected bride
She is clear about who she is

I have princess envy.

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