Drinking Now: Birthday Bubbly!

IMG_2088I like to celebrate my birthday over a number of weeks and the celebration thus far has been tasty! Today I drank a lovely Champagne at Rouge Wine Bar in Houston, TX.

WineCarte Blanche, Brut – Premier Cru Champagne
ProducerCamille Saves, a grower Champagne, meaning that the grapes are grown and the wine is produced in small batches by a single family rather than a large house like Dom Perignon or Moet et Chandon
Varietals – 75% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay
Location – A Bouzy, Champagne, France
Vintage – Non Vintage
Color – Golden flax
Nose – Closed, but I was buzzing from the Bandol I drank at dinner. Also, Champagne flutes are designed to preserve the bubbles, not enhance the aromas of the wine. So, I didn’t really pay attention.
Palate – First I experienced apple, then yeast, lemon, olive, a hint or red cherry and strawberries. The feeling on the palate was lovely. The very fine, persistent bubbles tickled the tongue.
Finish – The finish is super long and tastes like brioche and lemon bars

What I Ate – Nothing. I enjoyed this beautiful wine with family – Aunt Linda, Skylar and Allan. We sat outside on the patio at Rouge Wine Bar. As the sun set, the clear sky turned inky. The temperature held at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity was high. We kept the Champagne on ice. The locals swear this is just Spring, but it felt like a hot Summer night to me.

Why I chose this wine – It’s my birthday! It also happens to be around the time of Mother’s Day. I was with family members I had not seen in years. Of course we should have a beautiful Champagne.

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