Drinking Now: Jermann Pinot Grigio at Hotel Zaza

Every time mom asked me to move to Houston, I said no. I’d give her my usual story of, “whose going to take care of the house?” and “Cristina is in school,” etc etc etc..

But, now we’ve lived in Houston for 4.5 months. One of the benefits of living in here is that I’ve gotten to explore the town in ways I never have when I just visited for a week or two at a time.

This Sunday we went to the Houston Zoo and grabbed an early dinner at Hotel Zaza.

IMG_7954WinePinot Grigio
Varietal – Pinot Grigio
LocationFriuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Vintage – I forgot to ask
Type – White wine
Color – Golden hay
Nose – yeast, green apple, gravel, hints of blossoms
Palate – high acidity, my salivary glands are really firing, pith, tart lemon, hints of tart green apple
Finish – long lingering finish – for a white. I could still taste the wine about 7 seconds after I swallowed it

Other notes – I’m almost certain that this wine was aged on it’s lees – or the spent yeasts from fermentation. The wine making notes say, “part fermented as a white” which means the other part must have been fermented as a red – meaning on it’s skins. This might explain why the color of this white wine is so intense.

Why I picked this wine – I’m not a huge fan of this grape. However, I really love this producer and I will try any wine from them. The first time I met a wine by Jermann, I purchased the Pignacolusse for our shop during the holiday season. People were hesitant to buy it because no one knew the grape, Pignacolusse. So we opened it for a wine tasting class. The wine was full bodied and explosive with  aromas of leather, chocolate, earth and raisin.  When I saw the Jermann Pinot Grigio on the wine list, I couldn’t pass it up.

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