Drinking Now: Domaine Tourbillon – Plan de Dieu 2016 at Bistro Provence


Wildflowers at sunset at Terry Hershey Park

Thank goodness for the end of the work day! We went for a bike ride after work. We started on the bike trail along the Buffalo Bayou at N. Westpark Dr, cycled the Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike trail to the Terry Hershey Park playground. SB played for a bit and then we cycled back. After the ride, we ate at Bistro Provence for lots of water, delicious food and delicious wine for me.

Wine – Plan de Dieu “Querelle de Clochers”
ProducerDomaine Tourbillon
Varietals – Grenache, Carignan, Syrah
Vintage – 2016
Color – Ruby with tinges of purple/fuchsia around the edges – the lighting in the restaurant was kinda dim so this may be off
Nose – Closed, hints of flowers, spice, stone, strawberry, raspberry and violet
Palate – Super bright acidity, the tannins were firm but not super stiff and bracing. This is definitely not the same wine I bought last month when my friend was in town. The last time I drank this wine upon opening it showed a lot more tannins, more mushroom, earth and herb along with the fruit. For the most part, this 2016 bottle is still closed. However it shows hints of the flavors I experienced on the nose.
Finish – Super long finish

Magret de Canard and Plan de Dieu

What I Ate:  Bistro Provence is an intimate French Bistro in West Houston near the corner of Memorial Drive and N. Wilcrest. The quiet restaurant features an open kitchen, a large wood burning oven, a specials board written by hand, handmade bench seating along the walls, and faux wall finishes. When in this restaurant I am transported to another world and time. I forget that I am in Houston, a place I equate with endless strip malls and lots of traffic. On this evening, I ate the Magret de Canard, which on their menu is seared duck breast prepared with lavender and honey, roasted potatoes and green beans – a wonderful blend of sweet, savory and textures. I had the duck prepared medium rare. SB who is turning into a picky eater never fails to eat a quarter of my serving of duck, if not more. This delightful dish always makes me happy.

Why I chose this wine: The first time I bought this Plan de Dieu, I drank one glass at dinner. Then I finished the bottle over the course of five days. By day five, the wine had opened up into a lovely experience of lavender, thyme, black bramble fruits, clay and leafy tea. I could not believe all of the flavors that exploded in my mouth.

The second time I ordered this wine, my best friend was in town. While we finished the wine over the course of two days, the poor thing was too young for us to really enjoy its flavors.

This is the third time I purchased this wine albeit a new vintage. I had a glass at dinner and brought the rest home. It is my hope that in day three or four, I can begin to experience the herbal, floral character I had the first time I bought this wine. We shall see how the 2016 Plan de Dieu holds up in my kitchen cupboard over the next few days. I plan to do it. 😉


Plan de Dieu – translates to God’s Plain. Plan de Dieu is a region within Côtes-du-Rhône Villages, a wine producing area of Southern Rhone in France.

Want to know more about wine vintages? I usually visit the Wine Spectator, but their charts are considered member content. If you cannot access it, here is a free vintage chart from Vintages.com

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