Drinking Now: Gruet Blanc de Noirs at Bistro Le Cep

Life has been pretty challenging over the past few months. In order to release some stress and take advantage of the great spring weather in Houston, Allan, SB and I have been doing a once or twice weekly bike rides. We pack SB up in a bike trailer and ride about 15 miles after my work day. After that, we go to dinner. This time we went to Bistro Le Cep.

gruetblancdenoirs1bswebjpg_69Wine – Gruet Blanc de Noirs, Methode Champenoise – half bottle
ProducerGruet Winery
Varietal – 75% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay
Vintage – Non Vintage
Nose – Bready, yeasty, green apples, pear citrus
Palate – Fine frothy bubbles in the mouth. Bright acidity – my tongue is watering. The palate confirms nose, meaning that it tasted like buttery bread, kinda like a croissant with tart green apple, pears and a hint of sweet citrus.
Finish – Lovely finish – medium in length

What I AteBistro Le Cep is a little French Bistro on Westheimer Ave in Westchase section of Houston. I ate the veal medallions in a mushroom sauce served with caramelized carrots and spaetzle.

Why I chose this wine – I knew that I wanted a wine that would go well with my food and wines with higher acidity do just that.  I did not really like the by-the-glass pour wines on the wine list. I knew the champagne method sparkling wine would deliver the complex flavor and acidity that I liked at a reasonable price.


Blanc de Noirs – translated as “white from blacks,” blanc de noirs white wine from black grapes. In this case, Pinot Noir is the red grape used to make this

Méthode Champenoise – now formally known as Traditional method outside of the Champagne region of France. When you see this phrase, it means that the wine makers used the same labor intensive process to make this wine as they do to make Champagne.

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