Sadness for Sheryl Sandberg

Lean_In_(book)I feel terrible for Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. I have not read her book Lean In but I have read articles about her and about the book. As a new mother working at a tech startup, at the typical startup pace, I cannot help but be touched by her situation, the unexpected loss of her husband, Dave Goldberg, while they were on a family vacation last week.

I am a new mom. Luckily, I have the privilege to work from home. I am there when my daughter wants to nurse. I can focus on her completely during my breaks during the day. Though I have what most people call an idyllic situation, I still need help. Thankfully, I can rely on my husband for that help. I am able to be on what can feel like a firing line because he takes care our daughter. I can focus completely on what sometimes feel like impossible tasks because of his support. I routinely use his insight to my company’s advantage. My husband is my partner in every way.

I feel sad about Sheryl’s loss because her partner was so young and had so much still to give. Dave Goldberg had been a support and inspiration to his wife. He also was there to foster the skills and careers of those around him. There was still so much for him to see and experience with his own children.

Sheryl Sandberg is a strong, driven woman. She has her surviving family and friends around her and I’m sure Sheryl will come out fine. However she and her children have lost a bright light in their lives. For this I am truly sorry.

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