Gadgets for Wine Geeks: The Glass Does Matter

Does the wine glass really matter? With so many glasses at so many price points, when do you buy into the hype? In this post, I will explore a budget wine in different glasses of varying shapes and price points. For each sample, I am pouring about 2 ounces of wine.

With each sample, I will examine the color, the nose and the palate of the wine. The color is what the wine looks like as the light shines on the wine. From this, we can tell the age as well as the body and the alcohol content. The nose is what you smell when you sniff the wine in the glass. It is important to smell the wine because about 85% of the flavors we recognize when we taste something comes from the smell. Last, we will examine the palate of the wine, or what we experience when the wine is in your mouth.

The Wine

The Wine: Cotes Du Rhone – Red
Producer : Vidal-Fleury
Vintage : 2011
Grapes : Syrah, Granache, Mourvèdre, Cinsault
Region : Rhone
Country : France
Price : ~$12 to $15

Contender: The Shot

The Glasses:
1 – The Shot Glass
Why this one? Sometimes you have that guest. They say, “I only want a little because I don’t like wine.” Then, they take the smallest glass imaginable and say, “Eeew! Wine is bitter!”
Color: non existent
Nose: light – barely there
Palate: Raging acid attack! Unbalanced, lacks depth, unripe berries

Contender: Juice Glass

2 – Mom’s Mon Cup
This glass is my go to glass when I don’t want to think about my wine. There is no stem so I can be clumsy with it. I use it by the bed, on the floor, when I don’t want to worry about glassware. I love this glass because if I fall asleep cradling it like a little teddy bear, it won’t break! Please note, if you do this the wine will spill and you’ll wake up wondering why your bed is wet. Yes I have done this.
Color: very dark
Nose: Light, smells of wet earth
Palate: light floral and a bit of earth with hints of green. The acidity is medium high but balanced.

ISO Taster
Ravenscroft Rcroft ISO Taster

3 – Ravenscroft’s Rcroft International Standards Organization “ISO” Taster
ISO is an international organization that develops standard products and processes to create a consistent baseline for stuff around the world. ISO developed the “elongated egg” shaped cup so that smell can be enhanced and judged. The ISO taster has a stem so that the hand does not affect the temperature of the wine, thus changing the smell. This glass is used for both red and white wines. I am using Ravenscroft’s Rcroft ISO taster with a shortened stem for easier washing.
Color: Ruby colored with medium body – I can see through the edges
Nose: Fruit, ripe berries, notes of heady flowers/violet. There is also hints of earth and mushroom.
Palate: The palate has black pepper, light green notes like freshly broken twigs, earth and bits of unripe berry.

Tipsy Glass

4 – The Tipsy Wine Glass
This is a novelty glass. It is bold and fun and it holds a lot of wine.
Color: Same as above
Nose: No Nose/no smell
Palate: Ick! Big Acid

Chef and Sommelier

5 – The Chef and Sommelier Red Wine Glass
This glass it meant for restaurants. The fluted part of the glass is to measure the pour – between 2 and 4 ounces. The large bowl amplifies and traps the nose and making the wine taste better to customers.
Color: Same as above
Nose: Light nose, berries, early bramble fruit and light violet
Palate: The acid is tamed. Green notes and mushrooms are most prevelant

Roberts SuperTaster
Robert’s SuperTaster

6 – The Robert’s SuperTaster
Last but not least… You’ll notice that the rim of this glass is ribbed for your pleasure. Enough said!
Color: Same as above
Nose: Heady floral and earthy berries
Palate: Balanced flavors of black pepper, floral, ripe berries experiened together. There is also flavors of some mushroom. The acidity was medium plus.

I experienced the same wine in all six glasses. My favorite showing was tasting number 6 in the Robert’s SuperTaster which retails at $100 for a set of four. I experienced the most flavors in this glass. A very close second, and the best value was glass number three, the Ravenscroft’s Rcroft ISO taster which can be had at $35 for a set of four. The worst experience was the very first glass, the shot glass.

One of the most important things to remember in enjoying wine is that everyone’s palate is different.  It really is about you finding a wine that you like and sharing it with friends and family that you love.

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